Interior decor at Drukarnia Smaku Cristina Restaurant


I was commissioned to create interior decorations for one of the most iconic restaurants in Zakopane – Drukarnia Smaku Cristina. Drukarnia is now on the 1st place of the best restaurants in Zakopane according to Trip Advisor. And I’m not surprised at all.

The interior has been meticulously designed with attention to every detail. The indoor wooden storefront window is a replica, which was created to commemorate the existence of the historic building of the “Polonia” printing house. It was established in 1928 in the place where the restaurant is located. The name of the restaurant also refers to this building – Drukarnia in Polish means a printing house.

My task was to create a mural above the decorative tiles in the restaurant space as well as design decorations for a faux storefront made of timber and glass.

For the mural I used a mix of acrylic paints with different mediums and handmade stencils. Every part of the mural was hand painted by me using texturing techniques.

For the storefront replica I used enamel paints to paint text on the glass and special paints for wood create an impression of aged old paint layers.

Take a look at this stunning interior on the restaurant’s website at Drukania Smaku Cristina and Instagram at @drukarnia_smaku.


Photography by Iwona Toporowska


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