Interior Decorations at Aparthotel Cristina


I was commissioned to design and execute decorations for sixteen decorative chimneys in a luxurious Aparthotel Cristina. The hotel is located in the exact town centre of Zakopane, winter resort town at the foot of the Tatra Mountains – the winter capital of Poland.


The creative goal of the decorations was to add a delicate artistic touch to the interiors, without drawing too much attention from the interiors themselves. All elements of the interior refer in style to the Podhale region, where Zakopane is located. In my project, I referred to its characteristic colours and ornaments.


The challenge here was that the chimneys were already set up in the rooms – I had to use my special knowledge of technology to paint on enameled tiles. To decorate tiles artists usually fire them after the painting process is finished to consolidate the paint. However this way wasn’t possible as the tiles were already fixed to create those beautiful chimneys.


I came up with a special enamel-like technique that is both beautiful and long lasting so my decorated tiles can please the eyes of hotel guests for years to come.


Take a look at those beautiful interiors on hotel’s website at Aparthotel Cristina and Instagram at @aphotel_cristina.

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Interior photography by Anna Michałek Photography


Aerial photo of the hotel by Jozef Krzeptowski

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