Mural Design – Queenstown Events Centre


I created this mural design as a proposal for a mural competition organized by Queenstown Events Centre in Frankton. My proposal was chosen and it the mural design will be recreated on the wall in the upcoming months.


For the mural I created a surreal composition in which the spirit of sport, summer and fun intertwine – with all the sports activities associated with Queenstown Lakes District. I tried to include most of the sports available in the Events Centre.

When approaching this project I wanted to focus on creating rich atmosphere of a hot summer afternoon. Taking into account that this space is an outdoor part of the cafeteria used in summer I decided to involve food in my artwork. To make the viewer recreate those tangible feelings associated with refreshing things we crave so much during hot summer days I used fruits and a glass full of icy cold water with a slice of orange on its side.

Slices and halves of different fruits we love eating in summer create various sports fields in my artwork, where every person can enjoy their favorite sport.

On the foreground we can see people playing sports like rugby, cricket and golf etc. Focal point of the composition is a glass of water on the left side where people are enjoying summer time in the pool. The side of the glass plays a role of a climbing wall and the straw forms a slide in the shape of the word “fun”.

Composition is filled with plants, mostly native New Zealand species like Nikau palm and different types of ferns. In the background we can see the view of the Remarkables and Lake Whakatipu. For attentive observers there is also a Paradise Duck swimming in the pool between people.


Traditional and digital media, 2023.


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